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The DragonRaid Mailing List
The DragonRaid mailing list is a place where users of DragonRaid discuss the system. If you have a question about DragonRaid or you want to fellowship with people who are using it, this is where to start!

DragonRaid, the Second Edition Rules Compendium
Hosted by Joe Revesz, the Adventures for Christ Rules Committee director. This site showcases some of the material that we are working on for DragonRaid: the Second Edition. Disclaimer: these are proposed rules only. This is a way for those who are working on DragonRaid to kick around different ideas of what might be best for the Second Edition. None of these rules is official, until such time as the Second Edition is released.

The DragonRaid Resources Page
Hosted by Rich Sezov, this page has resources to help the Adventure Master. It also hosts the Master WordRune List!

The Lamb's Bride Project
The Lamb's Bride Project is the parent organization of Adventures For Christ. This is the Center for Small Group Leadership and Christian Community where you can find many resources for leading and sustaining Christian small groups.

The Official Redemption PageThis is the home page for the Christian card game Redemption. This is a fantastic game which makes an excellent companion to DragonRaid.


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