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DragonRaid Adventures

Here is a list of adventures that Adventures for Christ is working on:

  • Vulturian's Tower - your RaidTeam must rescue a young woman before she becomes a dragon's dinner. (Currently in playtest) 
  • The County Faire - a SaltWarrior has disappeared and your RaidTeam must find him while battling false relgious practices. (Currently in review) 
  • The Quest for Kendra - Kendra, a seasoned SaltWarrior working in the Eagle Peaks region of the Dragon Lands, has mysteriously stopped sending in her reports to the Elders of the Liberated Lands. There also have been reports of religious stirrings in the same region. The RaidTeam's task is to find Kendra, and to report on the happenings in the area. (Currently in review) 
  • Rescue of the Lost Brother - attempt to find and restore a wayward LightRaider before he causes untold damage to many other lives. (Currently being written)

Free Material

     Revised map of Anamos' Castle for MoonBridge Part 3

    Square and Hex Grids of Thuella's Castle for Rescue of the Sacred Scrolls

     Free Adventures

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