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This is a list of various items and equipment for your raids into the Dragon Lands.  Also included are other items that could be of use and interest. These prices are in Liberated Land currency. Similar items can be purchased in the Dragon Lands for similar prices. Sorry, you will have to do the currency conversions yourself.

Backpack, leather, 4T
Bandage roll, 20 feet, 5St
Bedroll, 1T
Belt, 2P
Blanket, 5P
Boots, 1 to 2T
Candles (5), 1St
Canoe, carries up to 500 lbs, 1/2C
Cloak, 4P
Cooking utensils, 5P
Cord, 20 foot, 4St
Cottage, four room, one acre, 3 to 5 Cst
Day's work, architect, 2T
Day's work, carpenter, 15P
Day's work, clerk, 15P
Day's work, mason, 2T
Day's work, servant, 1T
Day's work, soldier, 11P
First Aid kit (basic), 1T+
Fishing boat, 20 foot, 1 sail, 1Cst
Fishing net, 20x20 foot, 2T
Grapnel hook, 1T
Hammer, small sledge, 5P
Hat, 5St to 1T
Hatchet, 7P
Horse, 1C to 1&1/2C
Knife, large, 1& 1/2T
Lantern, 7P
Loaf of bread, 1& 1/2St
Meal, Gourmet, 1T and up
Meal, Inn, 4St to 1P
Meal, Rations, 1 to 2St
Meal, Upper class, 3P to 1T
Mirror,silver, 3P
Oil, lantern, 1 pint, 24 hours, 1P
Pouch, heavy cloth, 1P
Pouch, leather, 5P
Quiver, 1T
Rations, one day, 1P
Roll of sausage (link), 3St
Rope, 25 feet, 2P
Rope, 50 feet, 4P
Rope Ladder, 25 foot, 2T
Rowboat with oars, 1C
Sack, burlap, 5St
Saddle, 4T to 5C
Scarf, 2P
Scroll, blank, 3P
Scroll from Sacred Scrolls, Varies
Shovel, full size, 1T
Shovel, camping, 7P
Sleeping Bag, 2T
Small sailing ship, 6Cst+
Spike, iron 5St
Tack and harness, 3 to 5T
Tinderbox, 1P
Tent, 2 person, 3T
Tent, 4 person, 1/2C
Torch, one hour, 1P
Turnpike toll, 3St
Wagon, one horse, 1C
Water/Wine Skin, 1 gallon, 4P
Whetstone, 2P
Winter clothing, 2T


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