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Check these Great DragonRaid sites:

Adventures for Christ - the Official DragonRaid Web Site - get the latest news and order DragonRaid products

DragonRaid Interactive Adventure Sample - get a computer generated character and play a short section of the first DragonRaid adventure "The LightRaider Test".

DragonRaid Resources Page - hosted by Rich Sezov - materials of use to the Adventure Master, adventures, and hosts the DragonRaid Chat Room.

Swashbucking Press - Pirates, Musketeers, Knights, Fantasy & More!  Post your LightRaider character biographies here for all to see.


Ministry sites:

Alive.org - large, contemporary Christian music festival near Massillon, Ohio.

Bible Gateway - read and reserch the Bible online.

Lamb's Bride Project - the parent organization of Adventures for Christ.

Royal Order of Chivalry - National website - The Royal Order of Chivalry is a ministry for the whole family. The ministry is sponsored by Florida Rangers Inc.


Gaming sites:

My Ogre Miniatures Photos - My favorite table top war game, Ogre Miniatures, has giant cybernetic tanks lobbing nuclear missiles at all challengers.  (Click on the Ninja Ogre to see all the photos.)

Cactus Game Design - check out all of their Christian games.

Christian Online Gaming - an effort to start an online Christian adventure game, reviews of many types of games.

Covenant Games - a source for many Christian games, reviews of many types of games, and Redemption CCG support.

Redemption Collectable Card Game - the Official Redemption Collectable Card Game site.

Fleets - Strategy Board Games - Fleets... A Game of Galactic Conquest for the whole family.

Redemption - California Style - a fan page for the Redemption CCG.

RPGnet - Industry news and lists of websites dedicated to RPGs in general.

Spiritual Warfare The RPG - An interesting Christian RPG set in the 1100's AD.

Three Lions Inn Redemption CCG Page - a great site for Redemption CCG cards and other Christian resources.


Miscellaneous sites:

None right now ;-)


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