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The Solo Battle Problem

What is the Solo Battle Problem?  Solo Battle reflects the mental state of a LightRaider who is fighting alone.  The thrust of the Christian life is that we work together to further the Kingdom of God.  Solo Battle (SB) is intended to be a penalty for a LightRaider who has gone off on his own and/or is out of the will of the OverLord.  But, the problem is that the First Edition Rules have SB in some of the weapon equations.  So, the fix is to replace SB with Hope, Courage, or Endurance in those weapon equations. 

To use Solo Battle, subtract the LightRaider's Sword of the Spirit rating from all weapon AND damage rolls. The Adventure Master has to think before applying this penalty though. If the LightRaider is the last one standing in a fight or is protecting others, that is not a Solo Battle situation. If he foolishly ran off on his own and got into trouble, then it is.

Check the weapons below to see the new equations (*) and to find some new weapons with Liberated Land prices for all.

The effective ranges of some of the distance weapons have changed.  The new ranges are more realistic ( some are longer! ) and assume a relatively flat trajectory.  Range can triple if the crossbow, longbow, or shortbow are fired for distance.  Of course, the difficulty level of the shot increases as well ;-) 

New Weapons and Equations

D=Distance weapon

M=Melee weapon

* - Reworked equations

*Hand-to-Hand Skill=(SC+CO+EN+HO+ST+AG)/6, M, damage 1-5

Arrow: 5 Star for a quiver of 10, D, damage 1-5

Solo Battle – Subtract the LightRaider’s Sword of the Spirit rating from to-hit and damage rolls

Axe, Battle: 3 Tal, Skill=(CO+EN+HE+HO+ST)/5, D, M, 20 feet, damage 1-10

Axe, Hand: 2 Tal, Skill=(CO+2*EN+HO)/4, D, M, 30 feet, damage 1-5

Bolt, Crossbow: 5 Star, D, damage 1-5

Broadsword (2-handed): 1 Crown, Skill=(AG+CO+EN+HE+2*ST)/6, M, damage 1-10 (+2?)

Crossbow: 1 Maren+2 Tal, Skill=(HO+PA+ST+VIS)/4, D, 200 feet, damage 1-5, every other round

Crossbow, one handed: 1 Maren, Skill=(AG+HO+PA+VIS)/4, D, 150 feet, damage 1-5, fires same bolts as crossbow, every other round

Dagger: 1 Tal, Skill=(2*AG+CO+HO+SC)/5, D, M, 25 feet, damage 1-5

Dart, normal: 5 Star, Skill=(2*AG+HO+SE)/4, D, 30 feet damage 1-2, can be coated with poison or tranq

Dart, War: 1 Penny, Skill=(2*AG+HE+HO+SE)/5, D, 20 feet, damage 1-5

Flail: 1 Maren, Skill=(CO+EN+HO)/3, M, damage 1-10

Hatchet: 2 Tal, Skill=(AG+CO+ST)/3, D, M, 30 feet, damage 1-5

*Lance: 3 Tal, Skill=(CO+EN+HO+SE+ST)/5, M, damage 1-10

Longbow: 2 Maren, Skill=(HO+QM+ST+VIS)/4, D, 150 feet, damage 1-5

Mace: 2 Tal, Skill=(CO+EN+HO+SE)/4, M, damage 1-10

Military Fork: 4 Tal, Skill=(CO+EN+SE+SC)/4, D,M, 35 feet, damage 1-10

Net, Melee: 1 Tal, Skill=(AG+CO+MC+SE)/4, M, no damage, can only be used to entangle opponent's weapon. If LR makes successful hit, weapon is entangled. Opponent must make successful hit to untangle, then LR can try to re-entangle.......

*Quarterstaff: 5 Penny, Skill=(AG+CO+EN+HO)/4, M, damage 1-5

Rock: no cost, just pick one up. May also be used for throwing a brick, a chunk of metal, etc. Skill=(HO+CO+SC+AG)/4, D,M, damage 1-5 when thrown, 1-10 for melee, too big for sling, max distance thrown is one square/ST point (with 5 foot squares)

Sais (one in each hand): 2 Tal each, Skill=(AG+CO+HO+VIS)/4, D,M, At the beginning of the battle round, the player must choose to use one or both sais and whether to use them for offense or defense. If thrown, the range for one sais=40', or, throwing two together, range=30'. Damage for using one sais=d5; using two sais, damage=d10. If used for defense, player adds "1" to SF for each sais.

Scimitar: 1 1/2 Crown, Skill=(AG+CO+2*EN+HO)/5, D,M, 25 feet, damage d10

Short Bow: 3 Tal, Skill=(2*HO+ST+VIS)/4, D, 100 feet, damage 1-5

Sling: 4 Penny, Skill=(CO+HO+SC)/3, D, 75 feet, damage 1-5

*Spear: 2 1/2 Tal, Skill=(AG+CO+EN+HO+SE)/5, D,M, 80 feet, damage 1-10

*Sword: 1 Crown, Skill=(AG+CO+EN+HO+ST)/5, M, damage 1-10

Sword, short: 3 Maren, Skill=(AG+CO+EN)/3, M, damage 1-10 (-2?)

Throwing Stars: 5 Penny each, Skill=(AG+HO+PA+SE+VIS)/5, D, damage 1-5, if player ST>4, range=60 feet; otherwise, range=40 feet

War Hammer: 1 Maren, Skill=(CO+EN+HE+HO)/4, D,M, 50 feet, damage 1-10

Whip: 3 Tal, Skill=(AG+CO+HE+HO)/4, D,M, max distance 15 feet, damage 1-5


Descriptions of New Weapons - all others are in the current LightRaider HandBook

Broadsword: A large sword; requires both hands to wield.

Normal Dart: A wooden body with a needle point and feathers to steady it in flight.

War Dart: A larger, heavier and better-balanced metal version of a normal dart.

Hatchet: A very small, balanced hand axe, usually completely made of metal.

Melee Net: Rope mesh made especially for combat, sometimes with metal or rock weights along the edges or at the corners.

Rock: A hand-sized piece of hardened earth or brick.

Sais: Blunt metal rods with curved handguards. These can be used to trap opponents' weapons.

Scimitar: Wide, curved sword that can be thrown. This is a two-handed weapon.

Short Sword: A shorter, lighter version of a normal sword.

Throwing Stars: Sharp edged, well-balanced metal plates of various shapes.

Whip: Long braided leather straps, usually used for herding animals.


Though not weapons, shields can be very helpful:

Buckler +1 Shield of Faith (SF), 1 Tal

Small +2 SF, 2 Tal

Medium (Medieval Knight) +3 SF, 3 Tal

Large (Roman) +4 SF, 4 Tal


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