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Welcome To The Second Edition of DragonRaid!

Site Last Updated: 21 February 2016

My name is Joe Revesz, and I am currently the Rules Committee Director and one of the main distributors for the Adventures for Christ's DragonRaid group. DragonRaid is a role playing adventure game that disciples its players with Biblical truths. This site showcases some of the material that we are working on for DragonRaid: the Second Edition (DR2ED). The material presented here might not become "official", we'll have to wait and see. You can email me at joerevesz@windstream.net if you have any questions or suggestions. Please check back from time to time for updates and changes.


For more DragonRaid information, news, or to order DragonRaid materials, visit the official site at www.dragonraid.net.


Please see the first version of the official DragonRaid introductory video at:



The Christmas Adventure is ready for you! -  http://www.dragonraid.net/web/dr2nded/wisemen - Send me any comments you may have about this adventure.


The Introductory CD is now available. Like the audio cassette that was included with the game, the Introductory CD has audio files to guide new players through the character creation process. The Introductory CD has the exact same audio files that the cassette had. In adddition, the Introductory CD has transcripts of the audio files, two different LightRaider character generator spreadsheets, and a random NPC generator spreadsheet.  Order from www.dragonraid.net.


What is DragonRaid? It is a discipleship system that uses roleplaying as the teaching vehicle. Players can have fun while they learn Biblical principles and memorize portions of scripture. Since J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy is credited as the inspiration for the fantasy roleplaying hobby, and Tolkien used Christian principles as the framework for his writing, we feel it is only fair that some small part of the hobby is used by Christians, for Christians. Most elements of the fantasy world of EdenAgain are allegorical of some aspect of the Christian life. The setting and inhabitants of EdenAgain are similar to C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, which also uses allegory to relate scriptural truths.

I have tried to credit individuals for their contributions of new rules, dark creatures, etc. by placing the author's name next to the section heading.  If I have missed you, I am sorry, please let me know.

Please remember that DragonRaid is not just a fun game, it is intended as a serious discipleship system for teenagers (and adults who still have teen-aged hearts).  Though the Teaching Situations can be ignored and the system used as an ordinary roleplaying game (RPG), it is much harder to teach the players how to be more Christ-like, the goal of the DragonRaid system.  While some of the material presented here is more game-mechanics oriented, that is not intended to be an endorsement of RPG-only play.



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